I'm Rachel Szopa.

Who is she!?

Well, like I said I'm Rachel, but most of my friends call me Szopa (the S is silent, but I definitely am not.) I'm a creative pursuing a master's in art therapy in Chicago, Illinois. This site is in a bit of a transition as I am also personally transitioning from advertising to counseling!!

I love:

Making things (whether that's art or food or Spotify playlists), discussing one of the many podcasts I listen to, aimlessly wandering art museums, and exploring new cities.

I don't love:

When people say less when they mean few (I have my journalism degree to thank for that one), doing the dishes, and ... that's about it. I'm a lover not a fighter.

So, whether you're here because you were stalking my social media (caught ya) or you found me on LinkedIn - Welcome! Make yourself at home.




A selection of my agency work and spec projects 
Super Bowl Social
Re-Brand Campaign
Integrated Campaign
Social Media
Spec Campaign
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I love exploring new styles and find inspiration everywhere. You can find a lot of my work in my shop (!!!) as well.
Illustrations & Lettering
Artist Books
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Several events I worked to design and market - it's amazing to see everything come together.
Social + Event Design
Social + Event Design
Social + Event Design
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August 2017 - May 2018

Relevant Youth

Content Creator

In my role on the marketing team, I created a wide variety of promotional graphics mostly for social media. I also had the opportunity to creative direct our look book. My favorite part was getting to plan and promote a variety of events and workshops and empower the creativity of others.


Looking for someone with a passion for creative collaboration? I might just be the girl for you! 


If you're interested in working with me or just want to know where to get the best chai in Chi - shoot me an email or slide into my DMs.

Let's create something together.​ 


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