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12 Days of Christmas

To celebrate the end of the school semester and encourage customers to stop into the Bridge, our on-campus store, my team planned a two-week campaign leading up to the start of the winter break.
This included free in-store hot chocolate, a workshop and market, study playlists, compiled wish lists, and a cohesive social media campaign.
I took the reins on the creative aspects of the campaign by designing almost all promotional materials and teaching the craft at the workshop.

Social Promotion

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.14.11
On the Bridge's Instagram, we created a cohesive and bright plan with daily posts. Each post would introduce the day's promotion or an upcoming event. 
I designed a variety of graphics for Bridge partners to post or for use on Facebook events and Instagram stories. These were mainly used to promote the campaign or our upcoming market and workshop.

Gift Guides

I art directed and edited the customized gift guide series highlighting and recommending Bridge merchandise.

The Workshop

The Bridge's motto is to Empower the Creative. We decided to use that motto to empower our customers to create their own holiday gifts. We had holiday cocktails and supplies to make 2 pairs of tassel earrings - one to keep and one to give. 


To keep the Bridge relevant and top-of-mind over Mizzou students' long winter break, I created a few iPhone wallpapers designed to be screenshot off of the Bridge's Instagram story.
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