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Artist Books & Handmade Paper

For my fine art minor, I've gotten to take 5 studio classes and they were some of my favorite classes in college. In my Intro and Advanced Fibers classes we worked with embroidery, shibori dyeing, handmade paper and artist books. 


The idea for this book was to show the changes of the moon. Although it has a cover it can be opened and "read" from either side.


I made it from a single sheet of hand poured paper, starting with dyed cotton/abaca and layering with washes of white and gold. I also added papermaker's tears to mimic the craters of the moon. I then folded the book (very carefully, because all the washes made it THICK) and cut out the moon shapes, revealing the gold beneath. Detailed folds allow the book to be opened more fully and reveal the gold texture. 


This book started as a simple idea and became a study of patience, much like climbing a mountain.


The original plan was to hand pour and sculpt the paper before drying it, but when that didn't pan out, I switched to commercial water color paper and tore the edges. I strategically tore, so the slopes could be seen even when the book was closed. Then I watercolored and added some lines of a poem by Erin Hanson. I added a closure made of handmade paper (I believe made of flax), waxed linen, and a stick.

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