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She wants a Bolt.

The Client:

Chevy Bolt UV (spec campaign while at the University of Missouri)

The Ask:

Create a new logo and 3 different integrated campaigns.

The Audience:

Bold, financially-independent women ages 24-35. She's just newly married, raising a family, happily discovering her career goals. Or all of the above. She's environmentally conscious and active online. She wants a car that will take her from work to the grocery store to a weekend road trip. 


According to a Frost & Sullivan Report in 2014, more women in the US have driver's licenses than men. The same report found that 80% of car-buying decisions are made or influenced by women. Women are driving more than men and are more involved in purchasing cars. However, There are hardly any car ads respectfully targeting or including women. 

Electric Future Campaign

Print Ad

Overlay page flips to reveal neon beneath

Neon Mural

Travel Outside the Lines Campaign

Print Ad

I think if I were to redo this, I would simplify the illustrations but I love the idea of a car ad that doesn't actually show the vehicle. 

Out of Home

Airport (train station, gas station, etc) phone charging booth. 


Mother Nature's New Ride Campaign

Print Ad

Full spread that folds out from center.



A site for children to play with (at the dealership, at home, on roadtrips) and learn about the benefits of electric cars through a digital story book.

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