My summer 2016 class was tasked with creating content for the Missouri School of Journalism's Twitter, YouTube and blog. We partnered with VML advertising agency in Kansas City to develop strategies for the J-School social media.  We wanted to showcase interesting and real stories relating to the J-School experience.

In fall 2016, I was chosen to become a teaching assistant for this class. I led a weekly lab, edited and reviewed students' work, and communicated directly with Missouri professors and VML executives.

Our Audience

Current students, prospective students & alumni

Our Voice

"A balance of classic, traditional storytelling with her own personal touch of warmth and character, all while drawing attention to the story rather than herself."

My Work

My group was assigned to find stories for the "Connections" content pillar. We featured recent alumni of the J-School and some of the school's renowned professors.

Skills Learned

Mobile video editing

Twitter Flight School

Blog posts

Graphic design

Community management

Meet The Alumni

Lauren Steele
Tyler Greever
Alexis Johnson