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Order 5 city prints together to save!
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You can choose any combination, even multiples of the same city. All the cities I currently have are pictured:

DOUBLE CHECK that you have typed the correct ones you want. I will base what I send off of your order.

Example: Chicago, Chicago, Denver, London, Seattle.

CITIES AVAILABLE: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Boston, Bloomington Normal, Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbia, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Jefferson City, Kansas City, London, Los Angeles, Madison, Milwaukee, Nashville, New York City, Paris, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, Springfield, Twin Cities, Washington DC.

TV CITIES: Schitt's Creek, Scranton

Giclee print on acid free, 100% cotton, natural paper. Prints are 8x10 inches and 18 mil thick. Prints are usually $20 each, in a pack they are $17 each, saving 15%!

The design was created by Rachel Szopa.

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