Organize yo life

(or at least your desktop)

After I posted an organized/categorized desktop wallpaper I made for myself on Instagram (@rachelszo, hit me up with a follow if you cool) a TON of you asked me how I made it/could I make you one.

So I quickly pulled together a few variations FO FREE, because I am a kind soul and I love how clean this makes my laptop feel. Just download as many as you like and use them as your desktop background! You may need to resize slightly depending on your screen size, but feel free to email me if you have any issues and I will try my best to help you troubleshoot. 

If you really like these & want to shoot me a dollar or two as a thank you my venmo is @rachelszopa !

Let's Get Personal

If you aren't seeing one you like or want to get more customized with your categories - please contact me!

I'd love to help you out for a very small fee depending on what you have in mind. (I'm a busy college student and need to value my time!)