West end on the thames

As a graphic design and marketing intern at West End on the Thames, an events company in London, I designed graphics for social media, brochures, menus, and any print or digital materials clients needed. I contributed to web design and social media strategy. I visited venues to coordinate photo shoots to add to our venue portfolio for the second brand, View from the Rooftop.

Pier Maps

Strategy: West End on the Thames needed pier maps to send to clients of the various pick-up and drop-off locations their boats can use. I redesigned their old maps using Illustrator, keeping the colors clean and fresh to give the maps a more professional look and coordinate with their existing branding.

Role: Concept, Design
Example of an old pier map

Corporate Info Sheet

Strategy: Needed simple informational handouts to give to clients, showcasing the variety of services West End on the Thames offers.

Role: Concept, Design

5 Reasons Booklet

Strategy: We needed a simple brochure to explain 5 selling points of our unique boat venues. I made sure to showcase the impressive photography from our events

Role: Concept, Design